Real Ocean Fresh, only Australian, NT Wild Caught.
Go Wild . . . Territory Wild.

The first and still the only Seafood Retailer in the Territory that sells only Australian Seafood and freshly cooked bugs and prawns.


In the Territory, we have the good fortune to live in one of our planet’s great, remote wilderness areas. We protect clean green waters and our fish, so the quality is second to none and we’re determined to keep it that way.


The Year is 2002, down at Francis Bay Drive; Fisherman’s Wharf where the commercial fishing vessels dock, known to the locals as the, “Duck Pond”. Nearby is a Fisherman sitting out the front of his café, approaching is a group of strangers, who stopped to ask; “Can you please tell us where we can buy some fresh local seafood from”?



Rachael’s Seafood Shack is where you can dine on a variety of Australian and Northern Territory only caught seafood. Specialising in cooking Whole Mud Crab and Whole Fish. The seafood is prepared fresh daily. The principle is to Keep it Simply Seafood (K.I.S.S) We have a range of Australian only seafood which includes oysters, prawns, scallops, mussels, fillets of fish (locally caught), whole fish and Mud Crab.