Buying sustainable seafood in Darwin

We take sustainable seafood seriously as do our Fishermen and Women.

What is sustainable seafood?

Sustainable seafood essentially means that seafood has been caught, supplied, purchased and consumed in a way that has minimal impact on our oceans and their ecosystems.

At Carmel’s Seafood Market, we:

  • Only stock sustainable seafood
  • Know where our seafood comes from and how it was caught
  • Work with experts at the local fisheries department
  • Stay up to date on the science of seafood sustainability
  • Clearly label our seafood so you can make informed decisions

How to make sustainable seafood choices

  • Just like when you buy meat, know where your seafood has come from and whether it’s been properly managed. We all play a role in protecting our marine ecosystem for today’s and tomorrow’s generation.
  • Look at labels carefully and buy local. Remember this: bargain fish produced on Asian aquaculture farms is often sold alongside Australian fish, without being identified or labelled. Up to 25 per cent of all fish sold in Australia is mislabelled with the wrong species. And 64% of people end up with seafood that is different to what they ordered. Aim to buy local and if in doubt, ask.